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Maneka Gandhi official request to Naresh Kadyan for further field action :

dateThu, Jan 27, 2011 at 12:12 PM
subjectFW: Help and request!!

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From: vandana suri []
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 5:17 PM
Subject: Help and request!!
Importance: High

Dear Ma'am,

I m a animal lover and stay in Faridabad ,sector 46, I love animals, esp stray dogs and have been trying all bit of my life to help them by feeding them, giving them medical treatment and most importantly the love and care, which they do not get by most of the humans around!

Near my house there is a local shopping complex by HUDA, which has a shop by the name (PET CANINE, SHOP NO 2, HUDA MARKET, SECTOR 46, NEAR EICHER SCHOOL ) who 's been running a pet canine and i have noticed and found that he not only sells them but mistreat them too, he's been selling the breed dogs but in the evening he shuts all of them in his shop (shutter down) and goes home

i feed few dogs n puppies right out side his shop and have found that he opens the shop around 10.00 and then only must be seeing them or finding out if any of them has any problem etc....apart from this , have seen that he has not given them any proper beds, or mats or coats or any good facility when he leaves them in night

he puts all of them in cages n leashes all the time, i feel this is height of cruelty to these lilttle angels who are speechless and cannot express their joys or sorrows much!
i have seen in their eyes , the amount of sadness and request for help!

Ma'am, i do not know any other organization apart from sanjay Gandhi who can help them by saving these little fellows from these cruel people, i humbly request you to pls investigate and arrange your team to raid them and if possible pick all the dogs from his shop and get all of them some better homes who can understand them and give them love and care which they need the most.

Apart from this i also have a request that if it is possible for you to sanction and allow your sanjay gandhi vehicles to come uptill Faridabad and if i can get the help in getting these strays picked up whenever it is needed espeically getting them sterlized and getting them back after treatment and if any emergency medical help is required
recently i had one dog out side my society who i feed food was run over by a Car and he lost his hind legs, i could not arrange to get him in my car becuase he is a lil moody n apprehensive so i had no choice but to give him treatement on my own, i took the help of your doctors in yr hospital n some local vet (Dr Arora in sec - 21 b) and aranged for the medicines and kept treating him,
with the grace of god , now after 3 months, he is been able to stand on his own and can manage to walk for some distance...

i have been associated with animals for almost all of my life, n with more time and life passing i m wanting to do as much as i can , i m a working woman and have a family and a small 3 yr old kid who too is fond of animals and has tremendous love n feelings for them, he too helps me n them to what ever extent he can, when it comes to feeding them or doing any bit.

One more big request, as i said that i m trying all my bit to give them atleast one meal a day, i feed more than 30-35 dogs a day but feel that it may not be enough for them , there are puppies n feeding moms who i m sure need much more than one meal a day but i am only able to shed this much, my request to you is , if it is possible for your organisation to help and aid me with some financial help so that i can do much more for them and get them more food

i stay in a society flat and all around us are society flats so for these dogs they do not have much option and availabilty of food , for example having a local market or eating food plaza's or shops around can atelast give them some options .... and people around have no mercy or emotions for them, infact my whole society and nearby society people and members are completely against my feeding them, they have complaint it to my house members too but i m always ready to fight against these odds...and m very confident that no one can stop me doing this

with some financial help from your organisation can help me to give them more food and have a little happy life!

i keep visiting your hospital when i come to Delhi and thank you and your team for all you have been doing to get them happiness and love which they all deserve

would wait to hear from You


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